Ratnagiri LOT 60/2 (Single Origin Honey) (Med Roast 15% DTR)
Ratnagiri LOT 60/2 (Single Origin Honey) (Med Roast 15% DTR)
Ratnagiri LOT 60/2 (Single Origin Honey) (Med Roast 15% DTR)

Ratnagiri LOT 60/2 (Single Origin Honey) (Med Roast 15% DTR)

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Coffee with character (Series). A Rare Experience.

Suitable for all brew methods, except for Espresso.

Origin Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Process Controlled Honey Process
Cupping Notes Plum Jam and Sweet Macerated Strawberries with Round & Aromatic Body
Varietal Cavery
Roast Medium at 14-15% DTR
Altitude 4400 FEET
Minimum resting period Filter 3 days | Espresso 5 days.
Tastes best within 35 Days from Roast Date.
A song that pairs well

Best enjoyed black.
v60, SWITCH, Clever Dripper, Kalita wave, Origami Dripper, Chemex, French Press, Drip Coffee Maker, Siphon and Aeropress.

Cupping notes :
You ground the coffee and the immediate release of aroma is dense fruity Jam like. The wet aroma when the fresh grounds first come in contact with water release warm fruit notes. The cupping notes are Plum JAM like, also with a prominent sweetness from macerated strawberries with a overall round body full of overwhelming aromatics. The finish is fruity and long lasting which leaves the mouth quoted with rich sweetness.

Roaster thoughts :
A series very close to our roasters. Our roasters enjoy a roasting experimental beans as it leaves them with somewhat a unique experience. A specialty and experimental coffee roasters it is upon us to source the best quality beans with a processing so unique and careful that the coffee stand out. But it does not just end there. We as roasters need to use our skill and wit to derive the optimum flavors from those beans. If not experimented with, if not roasted careful, the beans can taste just flat that lack body, aroma and taste.  With these controlled honey processed beans we roasted the coffee's 6 ways and then cupped them to determine the best possible outcome. The effort and skill of our roasters is evident in the cup. 

The estate and efforts:
We all are familiar with the producer Mr. Ashok Patre and his family run estate Ratnagiri Estate. Our founder visited the farm back in the month of march 2021 when coffee processing was at its peak.
A day's visit to the estate to understand the farm, the processing techniques and the history behind the legacy was great. Our meeting began with knowing each other and talking and about the passion that runs Grey Soul Coffee as a brand.
Then it led to discussions about the specialty community and culture in our country right now. Moving on, we spoke about cup score, Q grading and how it varies from person to person and hence become highly subjective.
Then we spoke about international markets and a comparison between Indian and south American coffee. Then quickly moved on a long elaborate your of the farm where some coffee was milled and ready, some drying on raised beds, some drying out in the fields and hand garbling in works as final sorting was in process.
In the end, specialty coffee can be simply defined as the coffee that is of the best quality without comprises. This is exactly what this estate stands for and believes in.

Ratnagiri LOT 60/2 (Single Origin Honey) (Med Roast 15% DTR)