Harley (Single Origin Burundi Washed) (Med Roast at 16% DTR)
Harley (Single Origin Burundi Washed) (Med Roast at 16% DTR)
Harley (Single Origin Burundi Washed) (Med Roast at 16% DTR)

Harley (Single Origin Burundi Washed) (Med Roast at 16% DTR)

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Coffee with character (Series). 1st time ever, a Burundi Washed Coffee.

Suitable for all brew methods.

Origin Manjarabad, Karnataka
Process Pulping followed by fermentation using leg wash, washed again and dried using combination of raised beds & patios.
Cupping Notes Jelly donut like, with caramel finish, clean and well-balanced.
Varietal SLN 795
Roast Medium at 16% DTR
Altitude 1000 MASL
Minimum resting period Filter 3 days | Espresso 5 days.
Tastes best within 35 Days from Roast Date.
A song that pairs well

Suitable for All Brew Methods.

Cupping notes :
The dry aroma is of fresh ripe fruits. The wet aroma when the fresh grounds first come in contact with water are pineapple an wine like. The cupping notes are jelly donut like because of its fresh and light characteristics and tartness. The finish is quite clean, leaving a caramel like aftertaste and a overall well-balanced cup.  

Roaster thoughts :
Well, with this coffee launch is my long awaited project called Coffee with Character. I am excited to share the same with you all. As a roaster I will not be involved right from the beginning which means right from harvest to process to roast. I have some great things in store for you all. Stay put as a lot of new is about to happen with specialty coffee.

The estate and efforts:
The tryst with coffee started in the late 18 th century. With over five generations tending to the estates that nurture the finest of coffee plants in the regions of Baba Budan hill and Manjarabad. The estate has a history of over 150 years with documents dated far back to 1864 where a British by the name Edmund Broughton Ellicott planted the first set of plants is this scenic area.
Every planter at harley estate puts in effort into growing coffee, nuturing it till harvest and above all in the processing methods. A burundi washed is a meticulous process that requires a lot of labour oriented tasks that make it unique.

Harley (Single Origin Burundi Washed) (Med Roast at 16% DTR)