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Anaerobic Naturals Koppathur (Light Profile)

Anaerobic Naturals Koppathur (Light Profile)

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Orange Juice, Cola Candy & Hint of Raspberry with rich sweet aroma.

Suitable for all brew methods.

Origin Coorg, Karnataka
Process Anaerobic Naturals
Varietal SLN-795
Altitude 3390 Feet
Sensory Evaluation Orange Juice, Cola Candy and Hint of Raspberry with a richly sweet aroma.
Series Single Farmer LOT
Dry Aroma Sweet Red Berries
Wet Aroma Dates & Almond
Roast Profile A light roast with a low drum speed, low heat and a DROP temperature of 202-3° to achieve a DTR of 10-12% with overall roast time of 8.30 Mins.
Minimum resting period Filter 11 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
It was evident when sample roasted first that a lighter roast will be the ideal pick post cupping and brewing. Not to our surprise we were right about the same. A light roast with 202-3 DROP with a DTR of upto 12% elevated this LOT to create a vibrant cup. Notes of orange and prominent cola candy sweetness and syrupiness really sets this coffee apart from other LOTS.  

Roast Profile
Roast Machine : Probat
Roast Profile : Light
Roast Duration : 8.3 minutes
Development Phase : 1m 10s 
Development Ratio : 10-12 %
Charge Temperature : 175 Celsius
First Crack Temperature :191 Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 203 Celsius

About the Estate :

‘Koppathur Estate’ named after the nearby village area is one of the small farms started in the mid of 1960’s split over to 3 portions of its estate blocks growing both the Arabica and Robusta coffees. Besides coffee a mix of crops is also cultivated including Pepper, areca nut, paddy and a lot of a seasonal fruit bearing trees. Started by Mr. Subramanya N.R the estate has come a long way in cultivating some of the selected plant strains of Sln- 795, Sln-9 and Chandragiri varietals in Arabica. With the Hands-on Coffee expertise by the next generation in the farm and off the farm, by finding new ways to define & support the coffee culture, the new era has given a rise to processing coffees in a special way to bring the best of the crop of the season into the cup. Today, these selected coffees undergo a select special process and enrich the cup with a bountiful flavour and scale up the estate’s Quality produce in the Indian coffee market.

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