COLD BREW Blend (Med-Dark Roast 20% DTR)
cold brew specialty coffee grey soul coffee
cold brew specialty coffee grey soul coffee

COLD BREW Blend (Med-Dark Roast 20% DTR)

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Bold and fruity characters showcased in this washed arabica. 

Suitable for all methods. Ideal as Cold Brew & Espresso.

Origin Chikmagalur (Bababudangiri Hills)
Process Washed
Cupping Notes Berries and chocolates with a hint a cola candy. Med body and Balanced Acidity.
Varietal Selection 795
Roast Profile Medium-Dark at 20-22% DTR
Altitude 900 MASL
Minimum resting period Filter 4 days | Espresso 8 days.
Tastes best within 40 Days from Roast Date.
A song that pairs well

Tastes better with :
Just ice or even with milk.

Cupping notes :
The dry aroma was mild berry like when freshly grounded. After steeping in water overnight the notes become more evident in the wet aroma. Tastes best when had with just ice, about 6-8 cubes and coffee poured directly on top. Berries at first, chocolate subtle notes towards the end and coffee in the finish makes it ideal for iced coffee drinkers.

Roaster thoughts :
I prefer my cold brew with a single well rounded piece of ice. This blend is my to go cold brew blend as it provides the balanced and mild tasting notes of berries and chocolate. On long rotating days, I prefer my afternoon coffee just like this.

The estate :
It is 100% arabica coffee. Comes from the bababudangiri hills located in chikmagalur, Karnataka.

cold brew specialty coffee grey soul coffee