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Crimson Washed MS Estate (Med-Dark Roast)

Crimson Washed MS Estate (Med-Dark Roast)

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#2 SERIES ROASTERS ART | 2.2 Crimson Washed MS Estate

Medium Dark Profile well suited for all brewing methods.

Origin Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Process Washed Process of selective High Elevation Hand-Picked Dark Crimson Red Cherries. 
Dry Aroma Cardamon & Plums
Wet Aroma Muted Figs & Lime
Sensory Evaluation Notes of Cherry, Dark Chocolate & Red Apples along with heavy body & Juicy mouthfeel.
Varietal SL 795
Roast Profile Med-Dark Roast with 212° Drop, DTR of 20% & roast time of 10.30 Mins with high drum speed & extended Maillard phase.
Altitude 3800 FEET
Minimum resting period Filter 4 days | Espresso 8 days 
Tastes best within 45 Days from Roast Date.
A song that pairs well


Roaster thoughts :
For the 1st time ever Discovery of new farms and working with them has been a part of our journey since day 1, but today's estate is not a new discovery but rather an age old coffee farm that has been producing high scoring lots. Not only our first time sourcing from Balanoor plantation but also our very first washed and med-dark profile of 2023.

Roast Profile :
Roast Machine : Probat
Development Time : 1m 55secs 
Charge Temperature : 175° Celsius
First Crack Temperature :194° Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 212° Celsius
DTR : 20%
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