Honey Process Blend (Med Roast 15% DTR)
Honey Process Blend (Med Roast 15% DTR)
Honey Process Blend (Med Roast 15% DTR)

Honey Process Blend (Med Roast 15% DTR)

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Vibrant, Floral with Med-Heavy Body & Balanced Acidity.

Suitable for all brew methods.

Based on sensory Evaluation Blood Orange, Brown Sugar & Rose Petals. Med-Heavy Body & Balanced Acidity.
Roast Profile A roast just below med to develop a flavor profile that results in lingering sweetness while remaining fresh with a hint of acidity. A drop temperature of 205 at around 8.45 Minutes to achieve a DTR of 14%.
Dry Aroma Citrus Fruit Jam 
Wet Aroma Mixed Berries & Dates
Minimum resting period Filter 5 days | Espresso 7 days 
A song that pairs well
Tastes best within 40 Days from Roast Date.


Blend Creation : Post creation of Roast Profiles for each at different levels. Start cupping coffees standalone first to determine flavor profiles. Then cup coffees together as blends of 2 or 3 or 4 different origins. Eventually the cup that scores 85+ based on its characteristics like Aroma, Flavor, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Balance, Sweetness & Uniformity, the blend is picked for conclusive adjustments. The updates are then made to the roast profile and again cupped for uniformity. Finally, post evaluation the LOT is concluded!

Cupping notes : Floral, Vibrant and lingering sweetness is how we best describe this 4th Blend of Roaster Focused LOTS. It is Blend of different honey processed coffees of different Varietals, Altitude and Harvest Approach. We enjoyed cupping variations of this blend and was perhaps easier to settle on a final blend in the initial trails of this coffee. 

Roaster thoughts : We could sense that a Medium Roast for these coffees would work well. A drop temperature of 25-206 assured us to achieve the a medium roast on the lighter side with a DTR of 14-15%. These coffees dense in nature also required us to rest them longer before we could. We also recommend a longer resting period for these coffees with a minimum of 5 Days.  Overall a vibrant medium roast with a fruity & Floral flavor profile along with med-heavy body.

Honey Process Blend (Med Roast 15% DTR)