Baarbara Estate 24 Hours Fermentation (Medium Profile)
Baarbara Estate 24 Hours Fermentation (Medium Profile)
Baarbara Estate 24 Hours Fermentation (Medium Profile)

Baarbara Estate 24 Hours Fermentation (Medium Profile)

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Juicy Mouthfeel. Heavy Bodied Jammy Coffee with Ripe Berries in the final cup. Medium Roast Profile.

Origin Baarbara Estate, Giri Hills, Chikmagalur
Process 24 Hours Fermented
Varietal S 795
Altitude 4250 - 5250 Feet
Based on Sensory Evaluation Orange popsicle, ripe berries with a hint of banana along with juicy mouthfeel and Jammy Body.  
Dry Aroma Mixed Dried Berries
Wet Aroma Berry Jam with a hint of fresh spices.
Roast Profile A 208° Drop which results in an ideal medium roast leading to a rich Jammy body and Ripe Berries in the final cup.
Minimum resting period Filter 5 Days | Espresso 14 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
Well, when we profiled the coffee it shined through in the final cup for multiple Drops. We got a very nice bright cup at a light-medium roast, a very well balanced cup at a medium roast and a heavier jammy body at a slightly above medium roast. All yielded excellent results which made the coffee quite versatile. What we noticed was as the roast progressed, the fruitiness became more prominent from just berries to strawberries and eventually fully ripped mixed berry jam. Thus after cupping and brewing the coffee we went ahead with a medium roast dropped at 208 with an excellent jammy taste profile. We enjoyed roasting this very last coffee of this harvest and hope you enjoy brewing the same.

Roast Profile
Roast Machine : Probat
Roast Profile : Medium 
Roast Duration : 10m
Development Phase : 2 MINUTES.
Development Ratio : 20 %
Charge Temperature : 175 Celsius
First Crack Temperature :190° Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 208° Celsius

About the Estate :

With origins dating back to 1896, Baarbara Estate has been an integral part of India's coffee history for more than a century The estate is nestled in the foothills of the famed Baba Budangiri Range (in Chikmagalur, Karnataka), which is known as the birthplace of coffee in India and is part of a biodiversity hotspot. Lying at an elevation of 3850 to 5350 feet, this unique geographical location lends the coffee a distinct flavour.
Baarbara Estate falls in a wildlife friendly zone and nurtures more than 100 species of birds and many mammals. We are strict followers of maintaining Coffee Ecology and work closely with local authorities and nature conservation organizations to maintain our rich biodiversity. What make it ideal for Specialty Coffee Farming is Unique geographical location, Biodiversity friendly Shade-grown, High-altitude, High quality Arabica, Rain Forest Alliance & UTZ Certification.

Baarbara Estate 24 Hours Fermentation (Medium Profile)