Badra Naturals (Med-Light Profile)
Badra Naturals (Med-Light Profile)
Badra Naturals (Med-Light Profile)

Badra Naturals (Med-Light Profile)

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Tropical Fruit Characteristics. Intense Aromatics. Medium-Light Roast Profile.

Origin Badra Estate, Chikmagalur
Process Naturals
Varietal S 795
Altitude 3000 Feet
Based on Sensory Evaluation Syrupy mouthfeel with notes of Citrus Fruits, Plums & Berry Jam. Intense aromatics carry on to the cup which is well balanced and has a clean finish. 
Dry Aroma Fruit Pulp
Wet Aroma Plum & Tropical Fruits
Roast Profile A 203° Drop with a DTR of 10% and an overall roast time of 9 Minutes.
Minimum resting period Filter 5 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
While rotating initially we were achieving a DTR of 20% and above which a long roast of 10.30 mins and only a drop temperature of 203. This thought seems like an ideal roast, when cupped all flavors were muted. We dropped this coffee right from 194 - 203 and to our surprise all lacked acidity and flavor. So after roasting a couple of more sample roasts ranging from 204 - 210 we understood the right profile to be medium roast around at 206 Drop. It is a clean cup of coffee with acidity from plums with prominent fruity flavors and overall ,well balanced.

Roast Profile
Roast Machine : Probat
Roast Profile : Medium Light
Roast Duration : 10m
Development Phase : 1m 50s 
Development Ratio : 20 %
Charge Temperature : 175 Celsius
First Crack Temperature :190 Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 205 Celsius

About the Estate :

Badra Estates, established in 1936 and located in Balehonnur, Karnataka. In addition to coffee, the plantations produce pepper, cocoa, arecanut, cardamom, rubber and teak. All coffee is grown under shade trees.

Badra Naturals (Med-Light Profile)