DNX-1 Yeast Fermentation (Med Profile)
Grey soul coffee roasters indian specialty coffee
Grey soul coffee roasters indian specialty coffee

DNX-1 Yeast Fermentation (Med Profile)

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Heavier notes brought by this experimental process resulting in a lower acidity & heavier mouthfeel. Experimental Coffee Process.

Origin Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Process Yeast Fermentation
Based on Sensory Evaluation Raisins, ripe papaya pulp, ripened banana with Mild acidity, sweet finish and a overall well balanced cup.
Roast Profile A Medium roast with variable drum speed, 207-9° Drop with a DTR of 15-16% and an overall roast time of 9.30 Minutes.
Moisture 11%
Minimum resting period Filter 7 Days | Espresso 14 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods. Ideal as French Press, Pourover & Aeropress.

Roaster thoughts :

Every experimental process has 2 outcomes. An expectational coffee which is full-bodied and flavorful or an unfavorable outcome. This risk taken by producers and in some cases roasters is what makes it an experimental process. Coffee processing is a crucial step in the 4 stages of bean to cup journey, but also the one that has bigger challenges. The outcome of such process if not done before or fully aware of can lead to a bad yield or unsatisfactory results. Keeping that in mind, us roasters were well aware of the flavor potential of this particular LOT. We did something totally different with this LOT. We roasted this coffee in our Probat in small batches using variable drum speed. With a DTR ranging from 15 - 20%, different charge temperatures and several drop temperatures later we got 12 sample roasts. Cupping trails began 72 hours later and continued with 21 days. Post cupping coffees and when coffee was well rested we started brewing them all. In conclusion we picked this profile based on overall experience and clarity of flavours. This particular LOT is now yours to try and experiment with while brewing. 

About the Estate :

Ratnagiri International is a proud estate located in the Baba Budangiri Hills of Chikmagalur. It is renowned in our country and also beyond our geographical borders for its focus, vision and dedication to coffee processing. LOTS produced by this estate have been consistently scoring high and have always surpassed its pre-cursors. 

Grey soul coffee roasters indian specialty coffee