Lactic Fermentation Naturals (Light-Med Profile)
Lactic Fermentation Naturals (Light-Med Profile)
Lactic Fermentation Naturals (Light-Med Profile)

Lactic Fermentation Naturals (Light-Med Profile)

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Light Roast. Floral Aromas and Tropical Fruit Characteristics.

Origin Chikmagalur Karnataka
Process Lactic Fermentation Naturals
Based on Sensory Evaluation Glazed Oranges & Caramel balanced by rich sweetness & med-heavy body.
Dry Aroma Candied Orange & Jasmine
Wet Aroma Blackcurrant Jam
Roast Profile A 203° Drop with a DTR of 10% and an overall roast time of 9 Minutes.
Minimum resting period Filter 4 Days
A song that pairs well

Ideal as Filter.

Roaster thoughts :
As roasters we look forward to experimental coffee processes. Post talking to the producer, analyzing the green beans, moisture content and density of the beans we decided to roast the coffee lighter. We roasted this coffee several ways starting from 200 all the way ranging to 209 to achieve DTR of 15%. At every stage the coffee tasted unique while we cupped it. The bright orange color at 200 Degrees, the balance of flavors at 203, the texture and body at 207 and finally at 209 the incredible complexity it brought through. Eventually after the drum speed variations, burner highs and lows and control over exhaust temperature the 203 DROP was selected by our cuppers and roasters as it brought in the rich sweetness, incredible aroma and tropical fruit characteristics along with a heavy body. 
Coffee Processing: 

Experimental Coffee Processing opens up a whole new world of possibilities for coffee producers & us roasters. Different soaking periods, wash frequencies, drying conditions, and controlled bacteria growth can lead to unique flavors. This experimental process from Ratnagiri estate brings out the complexity in this Micro LOT. Lactic fermentation allows for the growth of lactic acid bacteria under anaerobic conditions (meaning without oxygen) with constant measurement of oxygen level, sugar content, and pH. The bacteria feed on sugar present in the mucilage, generating a high concentration of lactic acid & hence the name. Post reaching desired pH, the coffee is then soaked in fresh water to stop the growth of bacteria to eventually be dried on raised beds.

About the Estate :

Ratnagiri International. A proud estate located in the Baba Budangiri Hills of Chikmagalur. It is renowned in our country and also beyond our geographical borders for its focus, vision and dedication to coffee processing. LOTS produced by this estate have been consistently scoring high and have always surpassed its pre-cursors. 

Lactic Fermentation Naturals (Light-Med Profile)