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Naturals from Baarbara (Med Profile)

Naturals from Baarbara (Med Profile)

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Orange Juice & Red Apples with Balanced Sweet Acidity. 

Origin BR Hills, Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Process Sun-dried Naturals
Varietal SL 795
Altitude 4000+ Feet
Dry Aroma Berries Jam & oranges
Wet Aroma Cherries & Plum
Based on Sensory Evaluation

Orange juice, red apples & dense sugary sweetness of Blueberries.

Roast Profile Medium roast with 16% DTR & extended maillard phase dropped at 207-8° at 9.30 mins.

Heavy body & Balanced sweet acidity

Minimum resting period 5 Filter | Espresso 10 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
Naturals is that one process of arabica that one cannot go wrong with. Fruity, rich and well balanced is what one can always expect from some sun dried clean naturals. This lot comes from high grown arabica which are sun dried and then pupled to create a intensely sweet final cup. As a roaster there is one major challenge while roasting these lots and it is to get the maximum sweetness in the final cup while not roasting these lots above medium. For this lot we did roast extreme light to medium to understand the coffee better and as suspected the roast slightly lower than medium made the final cup for us. It is a coffee that will be loved for all and will be to-go coffee for many brewers and enthusiasts. 

Roast Profile:

Roast Machine : Probat 
Development Time : 1m 45secs
Charge Temperature : 175° Celsius 
First Crack Temperature :197° Celsius 
End Bean Temperature : 207° Celsius 

About the Estate : 

The plantation is based in chikmagalur on the foothills of Baba Budan Giri and stretched along the wild forest patches. Baarbara Coffee is pillared with characteristic individuals who have equipped this estate with unparalleled vision and immense dedication. This plantation has strived resourcefully in harvesting the best of nature’s offerings in the form of quality coffee beans.

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