Washed Process Blend (Med-Light 15% DTR)
Washed Process Blend (Med-Light 15% DTR)
Washed Process Blend (Med-Light 15% DTR)

Washed Process Blend (Med-Light 15% DTR)

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Medium Body & Overall Well Balanced.

Suitable for all brew methods.

Based on sensory Evaluation Strawberry covered chocolates & Green Grape Juice. Medium Body & overall well balanced.
Roast Profile A medium roast to develop a flavor profile that highlights the deep caramelized sweetness. Drop temperature of 206-207 around 8.30 Mins to achieve a DTR of 14-15%.
Dry Aroma Dark Chocolate & Burnt Caramel
Wet Aroma Fruit Jam & Chocolates
Minimum resting period Filter 5 days | Espresso 7 Days
A song that pairs well
Tastes best within 45 Days from Roast Date.


Blend Creation : Post creation of Roast Profiles for each at different levels. Start cupping coffees standalone first to determine flavor profiles. Then cup coffees together as blends of 2 or 3 or 4 different origins. Eventually the cup that scores 85+ based on its characteristics like Aroma, Flavor, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Balance, Sweetness & Uniformity, the blend is picked for conclusive adjustments. The updates are then made to the roast profile and again cupped for uniformity. Finally, post evaluation the LOT is concluded!

Cupping notes :

While cupping the dry aroma of the coffee was sweet and had a brighter acidity derived from berries & grapes. Once water came in contact, the wet aroma was more dominated by the richness of fruits in the aroma with a hint of chocolates. Upon tasting the chocolates notes with underlying berry and overall juicy mouthfeel was quite prominent. The body is on the medium heavy side with a lingering finish and overall well-balanced.

Roaster thoughts :
These coffees highlight our Teams true strength. We have been planning these LOTS for a while now and are excited to release the same. Our approach for these lots was to curate different different coffees with the same processing methods. Then once we had roasted them separately and cupped standalone it gave us more clarity on the flavor profile and its strengths. After doing this for multiple coffees it was time to now blend them together. The most intricate, tedious and yet the excited part was creating a Blend. Post many cupping trails we as a group came to a conclusion to finalize this flavorful light roast for brewers who dont mind giving up body for that extra sweetness. It is indeed on of our daily drivers back at the roastery as of today.

Washed Process Blend (Med-Light 15% DTR)