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Ell'sworth Black Honey (Light-Med Profile)

Ell'sworth Black Honey (Light-Med Profile)

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Orange, berry fruit characteristics, green grapes & lemon crisp acidity.

Suitable for all brew methods.

Origin Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Process Hand Picked Cherries are pulped, sun dried on raised beds and then eventually washed before they are hulled.
Dry Aroma Mild Florals
Wet Aroma Red Ripe Fruits
Based on Sensory Evaluation Orange, berry fruit characteristics, green grapes & lemon crisp acidity. Med body, clean mouthfeel & long prevailing aftertaste.
Varietal Chandragiri
Roast Profile Light-Med roast with variable drum speed and a lower charge  temperature to achieve a 13% DTR.
Altitude 1130 MASL
Minimum resting period Filter 6 Days | Espresso 14 Days
A song that pairs well


Roaster thoughts :

As black honey produces fruit forward flavors and consists of Jammy characteristics. We roasted this coffee at 205 Degrees to extract the dense properties, fruitier flavor notes and a heavier body. After cupping the coffee at 205 it was clear that this was a suitable roast profile for this coffee to unlock the full potential of this single farmer LOT. This is certainly one of our favorite LOTS of this harvest season. 

Roast Profile :
Roast Machine : Probat
Development Phase : 1m 25s
Charge Temperature : 175 Celsius
First Crack Temperature :193 Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 205 Celsius

About the Estate :

The time has come where we introduce you all to an Estate and their Humble Producers we have been meaning to work with for long. Producer (Smita Shirley Agera) Story : As a couple when we wanted to invest in a property, the only childhood desire of mine was to own a coffee estate, around the place I was born and grew up (Chikmagalur) Its almost 16 years now that we have owned this small piece of abode which is situated at 1130msl growing Arabica & Robusta.

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