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Hario Ceramic Pourover Set Size 02 (Color as per availability)

Hario Ceramic Pourover Set Size 02 (Color as per availability)

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Why the cone shape ceramic v60? The cone shaped paper filter adds depth to the coffee layer, so that the water flows to the center, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the ground coffee.

Consists of :

  1. Ceramic v60 size 02
  2. 50 White 02 Papers
  3. Glass Carafe 600 ML
  4. Measuring spoon (12 Grams)

Product specification:

Material Ceramic
Product Code VDC-01R
Brand Hario
Weight 305 g

Care & Handling Instructions

  1. Once used, clean with a soft cloth, sponge, or brush. Do not use harsh, metallic pads as they can scratch or even crack the glass beakers.
  2. Avoid using steel brushes, hard cleaners, or polishing powders on glass or stainless steel surfaces.
  3. When the product is not being used for a long time, store it in a plastic bag after thoroughly drying it from inside.
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