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Nagaland Kohima 23 Naturals (Light Roast Profile)

Nagaland Kohima 23 Naturals (Light Roast Profile)

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Caramelized Bananas, Passion Fruit & Hint of Raspberry.

Origin Kohima, Nagaland
Process Naturals
Varietal B5
Altitude 1562m
Dry Aroma Pineapples and Vanilla
Wet Aroma Mild Florals and Sweet Lime Syrup
Based on Sensory Evaluation Caramelized Bananas, Passion Fruit & Hint of Raspberry with a juicy mouthfeel, bright acidity and medium heavy body.
Roast Profile A light roast with 201 Drop and low drum speed that is lowered aggressively right before the first crack to increase overall development.
Minimum resting period Filter 6 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for filter brewing methods.

Roaster thoughts :

Another one of those high potential LOTS that we look forward too. Coffee processing plays a key role that impacts the final cup, but it is the varietal where it all starts from. When we launched this coffee last year, we knew that this is something we haven't come across before and would want every brewer to experience this in its full glory. Though this coffee shines as a light-med and medium roast, we feel the best way to represent this LOT is by roasting it lighter. This high scoring coffee was dropped at 200 Degrees which makes it a light roast profile that is not only fruity but maintains a heavier body along with crisp acidity. The flavors are clean and the cup is very well balanced. This LOT is a true delight and something that we have never felt before. Its now yours to experience.

Know the Region:
Kohima, is the capital of the Northeastern Indian state of Nagaland. With a resident population of almost 100,000, it is the second largest city in the state. Originally known as Kewhira. Kohima is known for many beautiful sites, one of the most famous ones is the Commonwealth War Cemetery, the final resting place of soldiers killed during World War II.
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