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Nagaland Zunheboto GRADED Naturals (Light-Med Profile)

Nagaland Zunheboto GRADED Naturals (Light-Med Profile)

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Sweet Lime Juice, Macerated Strawberries and Green Grape.

Origin Zunheboto, Nagaland
Process Naturals
Varietal Sln-9
Altitude 1852m
Dry Aroma Orange Juice and Mild Mixed Berries
Wet Aroma Cherries and Raisin
Based on Sensory Evaluation Sweet Lime Juice, Macerated Strawberries and Green Grape Finish with Bright Crisp Acidity and overall Well Balanced Cup.
Roast Profile A light-medium roast with a drop temperature of 204 Degrees and a significant achievement of 20% DTR.
Minimum resting period Filter 4 Days | Espresso 7 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for filter brewing methods.

Roaster thoughts :

Graded coffees are often lead to a more even roast and also grinds evenly post roasting. Being natural processed coffees rate higher on a BRIX meter due to its sugar content and also have a higher moisture percentage comparatively. Slow roasting these LOTS with a lower drum speed and lighter roasts brings out the best. To achieve its full potential we followed a approach of roasting this coffee for a minimum of 8.30 mins with a extended Maillard phase. We took about 12 samples between 8.30 and 10.30 minutes with variable drum speeds by roasting 2 separate batches and then cupped the coffees. No to our surprise the light medium profiles were very flavorful, had bright acidity in them and overall balanced. These exceptional LOTS are now yours to brew with, experience and enjoy the final cup.

Know the Region:
Zunheboto is situated in the heart of Nagaland at the height of 1313 meters above sea level and known for its natural beauty and the home of the Sumi tribe. They have a hard working culture that acumulates with the harvest festival called “Tuluni” where they celebrate the fruit of their hard work with their rich culturral heritage, tradition with songs, colourful dance and the exchange of gifts.
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