THE CHARTER - Flagship Coffee Shop Franchise

What is GSCR Charter?
A specialty coffee shop by Grey Soul Coffee Pvt. Ltd.
To be opted in more than 900sq. ft. area. Space will provide work desks, couple tables, group tables, bar seating - total occupancy 40 seats
This experience centre includes 42 coffee beverages, 15 non-coffee beverages, 10 bakes, 20 food variants, retail shelf for SKU's including Coffee Beans & Brewing Equipment.

Highlights of Charter
  • 100% Arabica Indian Specialty Coffee, roasted on order to offer fresh, well-rested coffee.
  • Customised specialty coffee profiles exclusively curated for each experience centre
  • Curated specialty coffee beverage recipes as per market study
  • Exclusive bakes & food by local bakery tie-ups
  • No infusions, additives or synthetic flavours.
  • Honest, transperent and fresh ingredients only

What is the Franchise Model?
"GSCR Charter works on a Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO model).
Under this, the franchise owner owns/rents/leases the property, invests in the setup, purchases the coffee & ingredients from GSCR, pays the
electricity and labour.
The company trains, creates menu, markets the franchise and manages all on-ground operations.
Company also helps Franchise in property setup, designing."

What is the business/commission model or revenue share of a Charter franchise?
The commission and onboarding fees vary based on location, size of the space.

Consideration upto 1200 sq.ft. 1200 - 1800 sq.ft. 1800 - 2500 sq. ft.
One-time royalty fees INR 500000 + tax INR 550000 + tax INR 600000 + tax
Renewable Annual Coffee Credit INR 1050000 + tax INR 1100000 + tax INR 1200000 + tax
Monthly Revenue INR 25000 + tax INR 30000 + tax INR 50000 + tax

How much time does it take to start a Charter?
"Depending upon the scope of work and if you adhere to the timelines set by our onboarding team, it takes roughly 2-3 months from acquisition
to final launch. "

How much capital does it take to start a Charter?
"On average, it takes INR 30 lakhs to start a Charter franchise in a 900-1200 sq. ft. area (indoor, outdoor, washroom, kitchen space included).
This costs depends upon the property's condition, the city/location, and your deal with the property owner. This cost includes architecture,
interior decor, plumbing
electricals, kitchen setup and equipments, furniture, cookware, serveware, eatware, takeaway materials."

Who will look after the design of the property?
"GSCR will be responsible for developing a design of the property. After consultation with the architect-interior, Franchise owner &
Company will together be responsible for the property’s development under a stipulated timeline."

Why Charter by GSCR?

In case you are interested in going forward with this model.

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