Grey Soul™

Every coffee enthusiast would agree, coffee is a drink for the soul. For a soul that thinks deeply, cares fervently and experiences intensely.

A soul that is grey. A grey that indicates an aura, a spiritual awakening, and the blossoming of creative imagination.

Grey soul coffee has its seeds in this thought. We empathize with every planter; we care for every coffee lover looking for an enjoyable brewing experience and think deeply for our planet.

Our passion for the same, drove us to plantations across our country. Taking all those learnings from the avid people we met, and experiences lived, we at Grey Soul Coffee brought back the highest quality and flavorsome greens from earnest estates as a part of direct trade back to our roastery in Pune.

Today, our team back at the roastery spends days roasting the coffee till they reach the peak of perfection between 10-25% DTR which brings out the aroma and flavor. Post quality control and maintaining consistency through cupping and brewing, every specialty coffee is then released by Grey Soul™ Coffee Roasters.

We then pack the freshly roasted coffee that reaches directly to you.
It is personal for us and that is how we want to keep it for you.

Grey Soul™ Coffee Roasters ... Brew for the soul.

Specialty Coffee Roasters | Delivering Pan-India.

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