The Noshery | Grey Soul Coffee Roasters, Pune.

grey soul coffee roasters pune specialty coffee roasters

A Complete Experience!

Our very 1st Noshery located at Koregoan Park, Lane 6, Pune 411001. 

This is just the Beginning !

The noshery, also our flagship store in Pune City is a true testament of the Brands vision. Pune's only Specialty Coffee roastery, sourcing, roasting, Profiling and Brewing Coffee for all. A noshery where we Roast, profile, brew and serve Specialty Coffee. Pune's only specialty coffee roastery now open through the week. In a city where commercial coffee is made accessible by stalls atop pavements throughout the city and where awareness is inadequate, we are fighting for Taste. Rightfully said by Probat Roasters.

Specialty Coffee We Serve : 
Specialty coffee simply put is a Arabica Coffee that gives priority to quality and is scored 80 and above on 100.

Coffee Roasting & Profiling : As experimental roasters we work with specialty coffee limited lots which result in the development of most complex and striking aromatic coffees with intricate flavor profiles. Roasting & brewing Indian Specialty Coffee that is sourced from Chikmagalur, Coorg, Yercaud and Nagaland. All coffee is roasted right here inside our Noshery located in Lane 6, Koregoan Park, Pune in our in-house Roastery to provide a complete experience of sourcing to brewing.

Sourcing : All our coffees are sourced ethically as a part of Direct Trade. Our roasters visit estates across karnataka, tamil nadu and nagaland to source specialty coffees. Our focus lies with coffee processing while sourcing which according to us makes a significant dofference in the final cup.

The Noshery at a Glance

The Indoors : A comfortable and cozy seating with neither too loud nor too soft music and ambience that is designed for people from all walks of life.
With high chair seating facing the outdoors, bar facing seating and tall tables for a quick cup of coffee, the indoors provides an incredible experience.

The Brew Bar : A dedicated space for brewing specialty coffee.
A place where manual brewing, pulling of espresso shots & texturing of milk all happens at once. The focus here lies within the ideal extraction to achieve peak flavors of a particular roast profile.

grey soul coffee roasters pune specialty coffee roasters

The Outdoors : A seating area that compliments the weather of Pune and takes full advantage of the same. A space where patrons tap their feet to the tunes while they enjoy delicious food & specialty coffee.

grey soul coffee roasters pune specialty coffee roasters

The Roastery : Green bean storage, sample roasting, cupping & profiling all happening inside the noshery at our Roastery.
Our Team of certified & experienced roasters focus on experimental roasting to develop complex yet incredible flavor profiles.
We also sample roast all new LOTS until they reach our production roaster and finally available to brew.
The focus here lies within, unveiling of new LOTS ready to brew.

grey soul coffee roasters pune specialty coffee roasters


Sit - Downs :

Visit to know more and experience it for yourself.
Noshery Directions : Reach the Noshery without any Hiccups