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Kohima Specialty Naturals (Light Roast)

Kohima Specialty Naturals (Light Roast)

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A Fruity, Juicy & Wild Coffee.

Origin Kohima, Capital City of Nagaland
Process Sun-Dried High Grown Naturals
Varietal SLN 9
Dry Aroma Apricot, Papaya & Rose Petals
Wet Aroma Green Grapes & Honeycomb
Based on Sensory Evaluation Ripe oranges, Gooseberry, Tamarind sweetness & Indian Blackberry Aftertaste.  
Roast Profile 201 Drop light roast with early first crack & roast of 8.30 Mins. 
Minimum resting period Filter 7 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all brewing methods.

Roaster thoughts :

Kohima as a region has been something we have been working closely on since over a year now. The farm previously produced only commercial grade coffees, but with a new approach to quality it recently started producing higher grade coffees and experimental lots. Now recently converted to 100% specialty coffees and also won the Gold award at the Aurora International Taste Challenge. This had put a lot of pressure on us as roasters but at the same time we felt lucky to be in possession of these lots. The approach we took was to roast was between first crack to second crack. Another approach was to roast between first crack to 10% DTR. Post resting, cupping and brewing we found a ideal light roast to be a favorable final cup. 

Know the Region:
Kohima, is the capital of the Northeastern Indian state of Nagaland. With a resident population of almost 100,000, it is the second largest city in the state. Originally known as Kewhira. Kohima is known for many beautiful sites, one of the most famous ones is the Commonwealth War Cemetery, the final resting place of soldiers killed during World War II.
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