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Badra HDT X CATUAI Naturals (Light-Med Profile)

Badra HDT X CATUAI Naturals (Light-Med Profile)

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Indian blackberry shrub, orange juice and chamomile.

Suitable for all brew methods.

Origin Balehonnur, Chickmagalur
Process Naturals
Altitude 3000 Feet
Dry Aroma Orange and Plums
Wet Aroma Blackberry Jam and Hibiscus
Based on Sensory Evaluation Indian blackberry shrub, orange juice and chamomile with a juicy mouthfeel and med-heavy body.
Roast Profile Light-med roast variable drum speed, 205° Drop with 12% DTR & an overall roast of 9 Mins.
Minimum resting period 5 Days | Espresso 8 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
As roasters we are so excited to introduce this new series of rare vareitals. We believe that it all starts here until it reaches us to be developed into the right roast profile. Particularly with rare varietals like this lot, a longer roast with a higher drop temperature tends to mute all flavors. We dropped this coffee right from 194 - 205 and to our surprise we understood the right profile to be light-medium roast around at 205 Drop. It is a clean cup of coffee with acidity from plums, juicy mouthfeel and prominent fruity flavors that leads to a well balanced final cup.

Roast Profile :
Roast Machine : Probat
Development Time : 1m 15secs 
Charge Temperature : 175° Celsius
First Crack Temperature :190° Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 205° Celsius

About the Estate :

Badra Estates, established in 1936 and located in Balehonnur, Karnataka. In addition to coffee, the plantations produce pepper, cocoa, arecanut, cardamom, rubber and teak. All coffee is grown under shade trees.

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