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Single Origin Anaerobic Espresso (Med-Dark Profile)

Single Origin Anaerobic Espresso (Med-Dark Profile)

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Raspberry, Dark Chocolate & Lingering Red Berry Sweetness.

Origin BR Hills, Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Process Sun-dried anaerobic naturals
Varietal Blend of Chandragiri, SL 795 & B5
Altitude 4280 Feet
Dry Aroma Berries, Caramel & Milk Chocolate
Wet Aroma Green Apples & Honey
Based on Sensory Evaluation

Raspberry, Dark Chocolate & Lingering Red Berry Sweetness.

Roast Profile Medium roast with 16% DTR & low drum speed dropped at 216° med-Dark roast fed at a very low temperature with 20% DTR. 

Creamy, sweet with Mild acidity

Minimum resting period Espresso 7 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
A single origin, single farm anaerobic natural coffee that was roasted just for espresso. A low temperature fed, longer maillard phase and higher DTR ensures this profile to be very sweet and creamy. A specific approach to roasting this lot and a whole new way of roasting was implemented to achieve the profile we wanted as roasters. The dry aroma of this lot is very rich, the espresso is creamy with sweet berries in every sip and once mixed with milk tastes exactly like a sweet and sour raspberry tart with soft acidity.

About the Crop:

The extended process Naturals from Zoya Estate starts with picking cherries that are in the range of 90-120% ripeness. The varietals used are Selection 795, Chandragiri and Sl 5B. They are then anaerobically processed for 120 Hrs. To get the deep flavours & range of tasting notes the process used is similar to the extended process of the Colombian coffees, tweaked to Indian conditions & humidity. The coffee is the slow dried for a period of 14+ days under natural sunlight, in the open. Before Dry milling, the coffee is rested for a period of 3 months, to stabilise the water activity and settle the flavours better infusing them in the bean.

Roast Profile:

Roast Machine : Probat 
Development Time : 2m 15secs
Charge Temperature : 175° Celsius 
First Crack Temperature :193° Celsius 
End Bean Temperature : 216° Celsius 

About the Estate : 

Shade grown with all the love and attention in the 90 acre Zoya estate, under a double canopy of trees with native ' Atti & Basri' tree fruits acting as nourishment for the flora and fauna, contributing to the taste and flavor of the beans. Grown and processed with a Spiritual rootedness.There are 5 different lots, each processed with varying degrees of Anaerobic fermentation from 24-72 hr, all slow dried. No harmful chemicals or herbicides used. And 80% women farmers employed throughout the year.

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