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Intenso Yeast Inoculated Naturals (Light-Med)

Intenso Yeast Inoculated Naturals (Light-Med)

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Melon, Apples, Orange & Slight Red Berry Finish with Sweet Acidity.

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Origin C & T Estate, Chikmagalur
Process 48 Hour Intenso Yeast Fermented Naturals
Varietal & Altitude Chandragiri grown at 4000 Feet
Dry Aroma Strawberry & Hazenlnut
Wet Aroma Caramel & Melon
Based on Sensory Evaluation

Melon, Apples, Orange & Slight Red Berry Finish.

Roast Profile Light-Med droped at 205-6° with 12% DTR & 9 Minute Roast.

Sweet Acidity & Med-heavy Body

Minimum resting period Filter 9 Days | Espresso 10 Days
A song that pairs well


Roaster thoughts :
Coffee cherries and water activated Intenso yeast was fermented in a tank for 48 hours resulting in a LOT that is extremely fruity and unique. Roasting a lot like this also requires careful disbursement of heat with low drum temperatures. We roasted this coffee at a fairly lower drum speed with lower initial heat that gradually rises and reduces before the first crack to end the roast at a light-medium level with a drop temperature of 205 Degree. Produces a med-heavy bodied, fruity and enjoyable final cup. 

About the Process:

Ripe cherries were selected, floaters were removed and inoculated in barrels with Intenso yeast. The fermentation was done in a cool shaded area for 48 hrs during which we constantly monitored the temperature as well as PH never allowing it to drop below 4. Post that coffee was removed and put on trays and kept under shade nets for drying. 

Roast Profile:

Roast Machine : Probat 
Development Time : 1m 35secs
Charge Temperature : 170° Celsius 
First Crack Temperature :191° Celsius 
End Bean Temperature : 205° Celsius 

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