All of Grey Soul Coffee is stored, roasted and profiled at the roastery.  

With a functioning lab at disposal, all the possible brewing equipment and plenty of room to skateboard all day, makes the roastery an ideal working environment.

The Roasting Team.

Our Team is certified and experienced who understands coffee deeply. We do not shy away from experiments with different roast profiles and development of complex flavor profiles. Our inclination is towards light to Light-Medium roasted coffee's and natural processed green beans. 

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The Lab: Quality control & Profiling 

The lab is where our cupping, brewing and tasting of all coffee happens. 

This is where we roast coffee in small batches at different roast levels. We then cup them one at a time and take down notes bases on the dry aroma, wet aroma, taste, mouthfeel and body. 

Post cupping we determine the profiles of each coffee whether they are fruit forward, floral, have any tropical characters and other parameters that lead to a well-balanced cup of coffee.  


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