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Cavery Yeast Carbonic Naturals (Light-Med Roast)

Cavery Yeast Carbonic Naturals (Light-Med Roast)

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A Floral and wild coffee with fresh citrus acidity.

Origin Ratnagiri Estate, BR Hills, Chikmagalur
Process Yeast Carbonic Naturals
Varietal & BRIX CAVERY | 25
Dry Aroma Red wine and cacao nibs. 
Wet Aroma Deep white florals and wine like.
Based on Sensory Evaluation Sweet Raspberry jam followed by fresh peach and melon with jasmine floral finish.
Roast Profile Light-med roast, consistent low drum speed & 205° Drop.15% DTR & 9.15 Roast.
Minimum resting period Filter 9 Days (For more clarity on and full development of the bean, once can brew post 21 days of roasting as well).
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all brewing methods.

Roaster thoughts :

A rare varietal, experimental process and a deeply fermented LOT is something that happens very rare. As roasters this was a stepping stone for us and also something we were looking forward to. The approach we took was different than the ordinary for this LOT. We started roasting lots with a top down approach from med-dark all the way to extreme light to understand exactly when does the final cup gets comprised in terms of clarity of flavors. Once we understood that we roasted only the roast levels that maintained flavor using different techniques. The one that came out strong was indeed a 204-5 drop at a light medium level.

The estate and efforts:
We all are familiar with the producer Mr. Ashok Patre and his family run estate Ratnagiri Estate. Our founder visited the farm back in the month of march 2021 when coffee processing was at its peak.
A day's visit to the estate to understand the farm, the processing techniques and the history behind the legacy was great. Our meeting began with knowing each other and talking and about the passion that runs Grey Soul Coffee as a brand.
Then it led to discussions about the specialty community and culture in our country right now. Moving on, we spoke about cup score, Q grading and how it varies from person to person and hence become highly subjective.
Then we spoke about international markets and a comparison between Indian and south American coffee. Then quickly moved on a long elaborate your of the farm where some coffee was milled and ready, some drying on raised beds, some drying out in the fields and hand garbling in works as final sorting was in process.
In the end, specialty coffee can be simply defined as the coffee that is of the best quality without comprises. This is exactly what this estate stands for and believes in.
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