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Biccode Estate Naturals (DRIP BAGS)

Biccode Estate Naturals (DRIP BAGS)

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Ripe Blueberries along with rich milk chocolate notes in the finish.
18 GMS x 6 Drip Bags.

Origin Belur, Karnataka
Process Hand picked, controlled fermentation & slow sun-dried
Cupping Notes Ripe Blueberries along with rich milk chocolate notes in the finish. Syrupy mouthfeel and balanced acidity.
Varietal Station Selection
Roast Profile 208° Drop Med roast with variable drum speed and a longer roast period to achieve a 15% DTR.
Altitude 900 MASL
A song that pairs well

Best enjoyed black.

All you have to do is:
Step 1: Tear the filter, stretch the hangers and place it on a coffee mug.
Step 2: Pour 45 ML of boiled water and wait for 30 seconds.
Step 3: Pour the remaining 225 ml of boiled water in batches, discard the filter and enjoy your brew.

Roaster thoughts :
A lot that we got back this year. The sole reason being the reception this coffee received and the final cup that was enjoyed by thousands. Roast profile of this coffee is a medium roast withing a 8.30 minute roast time and 15% DTR. While cupping the dry aroma of the coffee was almost blueberry and fruit candy like. The wet aroma was berry like and resembled fruit pulp. Upon taste the dense blueberry notes were quite evident with balanced acidity, syrupy body and milk chocolate notes in the finish.

Roast Profile :
Roast Machine : Probat
Development Time : 1m 5secs 
Charge Temperature : 175° Celsius
First Crack Temperature :192° Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 208° Celsius

The estate :
Inspired by the gigantic asiatic elephants found in Biccode Estate, India. These gentle land mammals help balance the ecosystem we all live in. Truly aligns well with our values at Grey Soul Coffee and helps our initiative of 1% for biodiversity

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