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Biccode (Vana) Naturals (Light Roast)

Biccode (Vana) Naturals (Light Roast)

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#2 SERIES ROASTER ART | 2.1 Biccode (Vana) Naturals

Lime Crème brûlée, Tropical fruits along with Brighter Acidity.

Suitable for all brew methods, except for Espresso.

Origin Belur, Karnataka
Process Hand picked, controlled fermentation & slow sun-dried
Dry Aroma Sweet Berry Like
Wet Aroma Dense Red Ripe Fruits
Sensory Evaluation Lime Crème brûlée, Tropical fruits along with Brighter Acidity, Juicy Texture & clean finish.
Varietal Station Selection
Roast Light-Med at 10% DTR
Altitude 900 MASL
Minimum resting period Filter 6 days | Espresso 19 Days
Tastes best within 40 Days from Roast Date.
A song that pairs well

Roaster thoughts :
Roasting a coffee at light medium with a desired DTR is never an easy outcome to achieve. But on the contrary lighter roasted coffees possesses brighter acidity which works very well as pourover coffee. When planning this roast we were quite cautious of the DROP temperature because it is essential to have a perfect roast. A roast lower can render the coffee slightly under or a degree up can make it a medium roast which makes it loose its essence. Also of course, before finalizing the roast we did cup the coffee at different levels, but it was different this time. This is time the difference between batches was marginal, as there was less room to play when it came to heat, but we created more parameters with starting temperatures. Overall, it was a great experience and we are quiet pleased with the outcome. You ground the coffee and the immediate release of aroma is sweet and lemony at the same time. The release of aroma when hot water comes in contact with coffee is dense and fruity. When the crust is broken into, there is a release citrus fruit like aroma. The taste resembles you taking a big bite of a Lime Crème brûlée with nice lingering sweetness and a hint citurs finish from the lime. 

Roast Profile :
Roast Machine : Probat
Development Time : 1m  
Charge Temperature : 175° Celsius
First Crack Temperature :190° Celsius
End Bean Temperature : 201° Celsius

The estate and efforts:
Inspired by the gigantic asiatic elephants found in Biccode Estate, India. These gentle land mammals help balance the ecosystem we all live in. Truly aligns well with our values at Grey Soul Coffee and helps our initiative of 1% for biodiversity

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