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SLN 5A Anaerobic Fermentation (Light-Med Profile)

SLN 5A Anaerobic Fermentation (Light-Med Profile)

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Also called, The Indian geisha.

Pineapple Tart, Sugarcane and Cashew Fruit Aftertaste.

Ideal as filter. 

Origin Melkodige estate, Javali, Mudigere
Process Ripe purple handpicked cherries anaerobically fermented for 60 hrs & dried for 22 days with constant raking.
Varietal & Altitude SLN 5A grown at 4200 MSL
Dry Aroma Cherry & Caramel
Wet Aroma Prune & Sweet Butter Cream
Based on Sensory Evaluation

Pineapple Tart, Sugarcane and Cashew Fruit Aftertaste.

Roast Profile Light-Med roast fed at low temp, dropped at 205° with 11% DTR.

Round Body & Sweet Acidity

Minimum resting period Filter 11 | Espresso 18 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
A varietal that we only roasted once in the past during sampling of previous harvest year. As it is hybrid with one part costa rican it derives inherit qualities such as the final cup being clean with moderate acidity levels. Taking that into consideration we have roasted this coffee to a medium roast to produce a much sweeter final cup. Dropped at 208 degrees this is a ideal medium roast that is heavier on the body with balanced acidity.

Also called the Indian Geisha:

It's a late maturing vigorous variety with elongated berries with very sweet pulp ideal for naturals. These ripe purple cherries are handpicked sorted passed through the flotation tank to remove floaters. The cherries with a brix content above 22 were anaerobically fermented in barrels for 60 hrs under cool conditions with constant monitoring of the pH. The cherries were then put on trays and dried under shade for 22 days with constant raking for even drying. The coffee is then bagged and allowed to rest for 60 days before processing. Cup score 84.

Roast Profile:

Roast Machine : Probat 
Development Time : 1m 30secs
Charge Temperature : 170° Celsius 
First Crack Temperature :196° Celsius 
End Bean Temperature : 208° Celsius 

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