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SLN 9 CIMA Anaerobic Fermentation (Light-Med Profile)

SLN 9 CIMA Anaerobic Fermentation (Light-Med Profile)

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Orange shrub, Raspberry with sparkling acidity.

Ideal as filter. 

Origin Melkodige estate, Javali, Mudigere
Process 22+ BRIX cherries inoculated with lalcafe Cima yeast for 72Hour anaerobic fermentation & dried under shade for 17-22 Days.
Varietal & Altitude SLN 9 grown at 4200 MSL
Dry Aroma Cinnamon, Musk melon & Kiwi
Wet Aroma Berry jam, Caramel & Milk Chocolate
Based on Sensory Evaluation

Orange shrub, Rhubarb with unripe banana lingering aftertaste.

Roast Profile Light-med roast fed at low temp, dropped at 205-6° with 15% DTR.

Sparkling Acity and Juicy Mouthfeel.

Minimum resting period Filter 9 | Espresso 14 Days
A song that pairs well

Suitable for all Brew Methods.

Roaster thoughts :
A yeast fermented lot is a complex roast profile to create. Often while roasting there are high chances of charring the bean leading to uneven roast. Keeping that in mind we have roasted this lot at a low drum speed and careful heat transfer. This particular Lot was first profiled by us on a sample roaster bullet and then again sample roasted on a probat too. Collected samples were then cupped to confirm that the replication was achieved. Post that 6 more sample roasts were done before we cupped them all and finalized a profile that shined through. 

About the Process:

Ripe purple cherries with a brix of 22 and above were selected, floats were removed and the washed cherries were inoculated with lalcafe Cima yeast  in barrels the barrels were sealed airtight. The anaerobic fermentation was done in a cool shaded area for 72 hrs during which we constantly monitored the temperature as well as PH never allowing it to drop below 4. After 72 hrs the cherries are removed and put on trays  and kept under shade nets for drying . The entire drying process takes between 17-22 days. The cherries are then packed in bags and allowed to rest for 60 days before processing.

Roast Profile:

Roast Machine : Probat 
Development Time : 1m 40secs
Charge Temperature : 170° Celsius 
First Crack Temperature :196° Celsius 
End Bean Temperature : 206° Celsius 

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